C.C.G.D. Who's Who - Leslie Thornton Armstrong

As soon as I was old enough to drive, I’ve loved sports cars. At 17, before I had money to buy my own car, my brother would let me borrow his 1973 Jaguar XKE to get to work (crazy guy, what was he thinking!!).  I was hooked.  I knew I wanted sporty & I knew I wanted horsepower.  After many sporty cars, I knew someday that I would get a Corvette.  I just didn’t know when.  Living in Massachusetts, it wasn’t practical to have your daily driver a Corvette.

Jumping ahead many years, I was asked on a first date by Art.  (You know those first dates.  Just hurry and pick me up & let’s get this thing over with.)  As I sat outside on this beautiful July day waiting for my date, I heard this melodious sound coming from a distance.  It was a beautiful sound which got louder & louder.  The anticipation was killing me & finally I could not believe my eyes or my ears.  That beautiful tone was coming from a 1967 Sunfire Yellow 427 Corvette Roadster with sidepipes.  Yes, you guessed it, this was my date.  He also loved Corvettes. Wow!   OF COURSE I MARRIED HIM.  HELLO!!!  

We eventually moved to Florida; and what better place to have my Corvette.
When I sold my Townhouse up North, I used some of the money to buy my first Corvette.  At the age of 40, I ordered a brand new 2001 Navy Blue Metallic, C5 convertible, six-speed.  The salesman tried to talk me out of getting the six-speed because I might get tired of it.  (Was he kidding?)   I took delivery in December 2000.  What a great Christmas present. Love it today as much as I did on that day.    

We’ve been members of the Corvette Cruisers of Greater Daytona for over 9 years & really enjoy it.  It’s great being a part of a group that has the same passion. 

One of the best times I’ve had in my corvette was participating in the Florida Caravan to Bowling Green, Kentucky, for the Corvette’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.   I hope I can drive it to the 100th Anniversary.  Yeah right!