C.C.G.D. Who's Who - Jim Quinn

Mid Life Crisis – Yeah Right!

Our first Vette was purchased soon after I turned 40.  I told my wife, Ginny that I was going to have my mid-life crisis now and get it over with.  So I asked her if she wanted me to chase other women or get a Corvette.  Knowing her, the Corvette was the only logical choice she would make and so the hunt began. 

The search ended when I found a 1976 coupe parked in a service station with a “For Sale” sign in the window.  It was by no means just a simple example of “off the showroom floor”.  It was painted a none-stock metallic brown with silver pin striping and the word “Vette” painted down the side. I contacted the owner, made the deal, secured the financing and it was mine.

Car shows and cruise-ins became routine and Corvette Club membership came with the territory.  With the car show thing going on it was decided that a new paint job was in order.  The body was stripped of paint and a metallic brown was decided upon.  After that a graphic paint job was applied with an under the sea “Atlantis” theme and of course the word “Vette” down each side.  Later new upholstery was done.  Because we were attending many car shows and competing with some very nice Vettes a better way to display the car was conceived.  Spear guns were used as stanchions to define the show space.  Sea shells, fish nets, and trophies were displayed, and the beat goes on.  After the many trophies and plaques, and admiring looks the car show thing lost its appeal.  The Vette was stored in my parent’s garage and it became a chore to go get it whenever I wanted to drive it.  It was decided to try and sell it.  At a Corvette Show down in the Keys a judge at the show saw the for sale sign lying on the floor and asked if I was serious about selling it. 

To make a long story short, he bought it. For many years we remained Corvette-less but stayed active members of the Corvette Club.   Street Rods and Custom cars became my new love for a while.  Then after selling my ’37 Chevy Street Rod the search was on for a Corvette.  A black C5 Coupe was purchased and we haven’t been Corvette-less since.  A Lemans Blue C6 Coupe is our current ride.  It’s a great hi-way cruiser and has taken us on many out of state trips.