C.C.G.D. Who's Who - Bill Simmons

Our Corvette is a 2007 Velocity Yellow C6 Coupe with the Z51 performance package and a manual transmission. I bought it new in October 2006. This is not my first Corvette. That was a 1973 C3 convertible that was very basic with a standard Chevy low horsepower engine and few options. I had that car before I got married and started a family.

Before I met Bonita I used to go to Open Track road course events throughout the northeast US. My previous car was a 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra. The car was prepared to race at the road race courses and, yet, still be a daily driver.

At a Watkins Glen Race Track event, I got tired of Corvettes passing me in the corners. I could beat them on the long straight ways, but, the Vettes where passing me out of the corners. That was when I decided to get my own new Corvette.

I remember when I bought the car. I was living in Illinois and it was on a Saturday. I did not know that the car dealers were opened and I was just window shopping. I saw this car and it was loaded the way I wanted. A salesman saw me and suggested that I take it for a test drive. Of course the salesman had to go with me. I asked where there was an empty large parking lot to check it out. We found one and we went “racing” around the parking light poles. He had never been with anyone racing a car in a parking lot and he was grabbing the seat and door handle to hang on. It was thrilling to me and scary to the salesman. Yup, I had to have the car.

I drove the Corvette at some race courses and I was pleased with the thrill and the excitement to race the car. I have driven the car at Watkins Glen International Raceway (upper New York state), Summit Point Raceway (in West Virginia), Gingerman Raceway (in Michigan) and at Sebring here in Florida. In fact, I convinced Bonita to learn to race the car at these “driver education” events.

We are pleased and thrilled to drive the car, whether it is to the grocery store, on trips, or on the race course.