About Us

Corvette Cruisers of Greater Daytona
History and Viewpoint

Corvette Cruisers started out as a group of individuals who came together when an organization known as the Corvette Club of America (CCA) was formed in the late 80’s.  Some of the members of CCA formed close friendships and enjoyed getting together at car shows and meetings as well as social activities unrelated to their love of Corvettes.  After a few years, these individuals broke away from CCA and became the founding members of a new club. In October of 1992, the “Corvette Cruisers” was officially formed.  Shortly after choosing the name of the club, they discovered that there was a club on the west coast of Florida with the same name.  So “of Greater Daytona” was added to reduce any confusion between the two clubs.  The club members continued to attend car shows and cruise-ins, held monthly meeting, got together for week-end excursions, enjoyed parties and other fun events.  The club had great participation at many events and often won club participation awards.

In 1993 the Florida Street Rods Club asked the Corvette Cruisers of Greater Daytona to take over a car show they had been hosting in St. Augustine.  For the first year, the club co-sponsored the show with the Street Rods club, but then took over the sole responsibility for the next five years.  The show grew and became too much for just one club to handle.  The costs involved in hosting the show also escalated and no longer made it profitable to continue.

With profits from that St. Augustine car show, the club supported various charities, such as the Millard Conklin Center, and the St. Augustine School for the Deaf and Blind.  Other charities have been supported over the past years through donations of food, toys, and other items for the needy.

The membership enjoys getting together as a club at a miniature golf tournament, Christmas, Halloween, and race parties, a picnic, attendance at area car shows, and several day trip excursions, and a few overnighters throughout the year.  Aside from the monthly dinner meeting, the club members enjoy a monthly breakfast or lunch at a different restaurant, usually on the first Sunday, known as Dining on the Run (DOTR).  This affords us the opportunity to meet again outside the regular business meeting to enjoy a drive in our Vettes and sit down and get to know each other.

What it comes down to is that the Corvette Cruisers of Greater Daytona is a group of individuals and couples who enjoy Corvettes, socializing and having fun.  Club dues support such things as the monthly Newsletter called “The Talepipe,” the club website, the cost of insurance, and support for some of our social events and other activities held throughout the year.